Just Keep Rolling – A Multi Purpose Tool For Stressed Out Parents

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Just Keep Rolling – A Multi Purpose Tool For Stressed Out Parents

Does your heart break a little every time your little one’s soother hits the ground when you are out? Now you will have to clean it or face the wrath of not having the pacifier at a particularly grumpy baby moment!

Or maybe you are sick and tired of hunting through your nappy bag for the soother cover for more than 10 minutes!

Stop the stress and tears. There is a solution!

Gobstopperz are a must-have accessory for bubs and their busy, stressed parents! These versatile and cuddly comforters have been designed with a lot of awesome features, but are especially famous for their “Roll, Wrap, and Snap” capability. You can learn more about how this works on www.gobstopperz.co.nz or check out the “Roll, Wrap and Snap” clip we made which shows you how it works!

So, how does this make Gobstopperz so special? Without further ado, here are the top benefits of using the Gobstopperz “Roll, Wrap, and Snap” function:

It Keeps The Soother Clean

Parents naturally get concerned about pacifiers, dummies, and soothers getting dirty and unhygienic. That’s not without genuine cause, either! Research has found up to 40 different bacteria on used pacifiers. Many of these bacteria are harmless, but some are known to cause respiratory problems, allergies, asthma, and skin infections.

By rolling up a soother or pacifier into Gobstopperz, you are protecting it from gathering excess dust and germs. If a pacifier is rolling around in a bag or on the floor of a car, it’s going to pick up dirt, hair, old food crumbs, and who knows what else! It also provides a bit of protection for soothers and pacifiers from getting knocked around or broken inside a bag, or if they are accidentally stepped on!

With Gobstopperz you can tuck the pacifier into the cuddly and snap it into place – keeping it safe, secure, and clean until you need it next. You could also stash the cover in there too so that it doesn’t get lost.

Makes It Compact And Easily Stashed


You are out and about... baby is upset, near full meltdown mode, but you can’t for the life of you find where cuddly has gone! This is a pretty familiar situation for many parents, and Gobstopperz can help! Once the pacifier is tidily rolled and snapped into place, it can be tucked into an inner pocket in the diaper bag. It will be ready to go when you next need it – saving you some time and some sanity!

Teaches Baby To Roll And Unroll

As your child gets a bit older and has developed some fine motor skills, Gobstopperz can also be a great little activity for them. They can learn to roll and unroll their comforter and pacifier themselves – keeping them busy and/or distracted when they are upset, and helping them become a little more independent. This also works great as a sensory play activity, helping your child to work on their coordination and motor skills.

Just Keep Rolling – A Multi Purpose Tool For Stressed Out Parents

So, there you have it! Roll, Wrap, and Snap with Gobstopperz to keep baby’s pacifier clean and protected, and easier to find! This technique saves you time, enables more sensory play for baby, and generally makes life a little easier for busy and/or stressed parents!

Do you want to grab your own Roller, Wrapper and Snapper? Then head on over to our product page to check out all the great designs we currently have in stock! Every month we donate a portion of our proceeds of selected styles to various charities – so be sure to keep an eye out for those!

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