Cute Ideas For Baby Gifts (Even Though They Prefer The Box)

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Let's face it, when it comes to your baby’s first Christmas, the gift giving part is mainly for the parents.

Those cute chubby little bubbies have no idea what Christmas is. They simply want to play with the wrapping paper, put the box on their head, or maybe even try to crawl into it.

So, what on earth do you buy them?

Well, we have put together an awesome list of baby gifts that are super handy for parents, that little ones will love, and will still magically mark the occasion of Christmas in a meaningful way.

Cute Baby Gift Ideas…

Whether you are buying for your own bubs or gifting to someone else’s, you want to buy a great gift. But, that doesn’t have to mean you need to buy the latest, trendiest thing on the market. You can capitalise on the fact that babies don’t yet understand the concept of Christmas and buy something practical instead.

Practical does not have to man boring though! Here are our best baby gift ideas:

1: Books

What is nighttime without a bedtime story? Books make a great gift at any age. Whether it is a soft cover book that baby can explore themselves, a bath book, a classic story, or a picture book filled with amazing imagery, it will be read again and again. You can never go wrong with books!

2: Milestone Cards

These are a fantastic idea for capturing all of the key moments in a baby’s life on camera. Right from the first bath, to the first smile, the first steps and beyond. Depending on who you are buying for you can find classic, cutesy, modern, or even humorous cards. They will produce photographic memories that will be treasured for years to come.

3: Gobstopperz

If your baby uses a soother, then they need a Gobstopperz to go with it. Not only does it help your baby find their soother (and encourage self settling), but it is a sensory tool that helps to develop your baby’s motor skills, and you can wrap it up to keep spare soothers or the protector clean and safe. You can also attach teething rings to a Gobstopperz too! Check them out in the shop now.

4: Teething Rings

Speaking of teething rings, they make another great, practical gift. Prevent sore gums from being a problem and help those little ones get some relief. They come in a range of sizes, shapes, patterns and materials to suit all preferences. We have a great range on our website.

5: Bath Toys

Splashing in the bath is fun in itself, but some cute, brightly coloured toys can take the fun to a whole new level. Yes they are fun, but they also teach baby some great new skills. They help them to work on their motor skills, learn cause and effect, and also how water displaces, changing the way things move and behave.

6: Eating Utensils

There is a whole bunch of stuff that comes along with feeding a wee baby. A great gift can involve eating utensils like spoons, suction based bowls, refillable food pouches, snack bags, food containers, lunchboxes, cups, or even bottles. There are some really cute options out there, so pick a theme and run with it! Don’t forget bibs!

7: Nightlight

Whether you like unicorns, dump trucks, rainbows, dinosaurs, or anything in between, there is a nightlight waiting for you! Providing soothing, soft lighting, they not only prevent baby from having to sleep in complete darkness, but they also help stumbling parents find their way in the night!

8: Music

Music has been scientifically proven to help with brain development. You can go old school and make a mixed CD, buy the parents a premium Spotify subscription, or at the very least, make them a cool Spotify playlist. Anything from baby lullabies, instrumentals, white noise, or tunes for the parents to sing along to will work.

9: Sleep Sacks

Sleep sacks are the perfect way to keep baby safe and comfortable as they sleep, all year round. Know they are warm and snug in winter and protected from bugs in summer. No chance of kicking off the blankets or getting tangled up in them either. And they come in some absolutely gorgeous fabrics!

10: Baby Pampering

Delicate young skin needs protecting. While they are brand new, they won’t need much more than some nappy cream. But as they get a bit older, there are plenty of lovely products you can use to keep their skin beautiful. Choose baby specific formulations of things like moisturiser, massage rubs, sunscreen, shampoo, body wash, and nappy cream of course.

Hopefully this list gives you some great baby gift ideas that will still be practical for the parents too. Check out our great range of Gobstopperz, teethers and soothers in the store now.

Oh, and have a wonderful holiday season!

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