Our Journey

Hi, my name is Brooke and I’m the Kiwi mum behind Gobstopperz.

I made my first one simply because I needed it, and I continued making them because I think other mums need them too! Gobstopperz were designed to stop the endless “midnight dummy runs” (as we call them in my family), helping first my babies and now lots of babies to find their soother on their own and settle themselves back to sleep.

Both of my two children suffered from eczema, making them very dependent on their dummies for comfort. Like many mums, I was already sleep deprived and not keen at all on getting up to put them back in at all hours of the night.

There were plenty of “cutesy” soother holders on the market, but they weren’t my style and also didn’t have all of the features I wanted—so I designed something that had contemporary style yet still provided sensory play, had a cuddly (they are great sleep signals), could hold a soother securely, and also had satin tags as children love the feel of these. 

It’s not just soothers, dummies and pacifiers that Gobstopperz can hold, either - along the way, we’ve discovered they are a great holder for teethers and rattles. You can also attach your Gobstopperz to car seats, pram straps and many other things to keep baby entertained, and use it as a sanitary soother holder thanks to the Roll, Wrap & Snap function.

This New Zealand designed and made baby product really is the item you never knew you needed until you have one (or two). I hope you love them as much as I did!