Gorgeous Christmas Gift Ideas for Baby

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No matter who's bubba your gifting to, you want to buy a fabulous gift that will be much loved.


But let's face it, when it comes to baby's first Christmas, the gift-giving part is mainly for the parents right?!


Those chubba-wubba bubba's have no idea what Christmas is. They just want the wrapping paper, a box on their head, and maybe some old packaging to use for peek-a-boo.


So, what on earth do you buy them? Something practical, of course. We can benefit from the fact that babies don't get the concept of Christmas and buy something practical. But practical doesn't mean boring! 


Well, we've put together a super handy, most excellent list of baby gifts that little ones and their mums and dads will love, but that also still marks the occasion of Christmas in a magical, meaningful way.


Here are our best baby gift ideas for Christmas 2019: 


1: Photo Books from Bebe and I

Always a favourite, we think! What is nighttime without a bedtime story anyway? These books make the perfect gift at any age. And like any other softcover book that baby can explore themselves, these can be filled with photos of family, animals, illustrations or anything eye-catching that doubles up as a keepsake, something educational and fun. You can't go wrong with a Bebe and I photobook!


2: Something special from Dimples beautiful clothing collections

My favourites are the Muslin Bloomers and the Cotton Bucket hat, but everything from Dimples is gorgeous. I love their story too!


3: Our Gobstopperz

If your baby uses a soother, then they need Gobstopperz to go with it. Gobstopperz helps your baby find their soother (and encourage self-settling). They're a sensory tool too that helps develop your baby's motor skills, and you can wrap it up to keep spare soothers or to tuck it away in your bag. You can also attach teething rings and toys to a Gobstopperz too! Check them out in the shop now.


4: Teething Rings

Speaking of teething rings, they're another great, practical gift. They prevent sore gums and help give little ones some relief. We have a fabulous range of teethers in many sizes, shapes, patterns and materials to suit all preferences. 


5: Bibbles Bibs

Made with 100% cotton and backed with soft, absorbent cotton towelling with two snaps, so they grow in size as baby does, look fab AND keep the neck and clothes dry from dribble. Also made in NZ using the cutest fabrics for baby's, we love recommending Bibbles Bibs! 


6: Eating Utensils from Squoodles

 An excellent gift for a baby can involve eating utensils like spoons, suction-based bowls, refillable food pouches, snack bags, food containers, lunch boxes, cups, or even bottles. There are some adorable options out there, so pick a theme and run with it! Don't forget bibs. Check out Bibbles *wink wink* but stop by Squoodles constructive eating sets too. They make mealtimes fun!


7: A nightlight from the Sleepstore

Sleepstore has a pretty big selection of nightlights for all. Some of their lights are even themed to cater to the unicorn/ truck/ rainbow/ dinosaur enthusiasts in your life! Providing soothing, soft lighting, to give our young ones a sense of security but also to help us stumbling parents find our way in the night! Our pick of the lot would have to be the trainer clocks. They're the perfect gift for children and parents!!


8: Music 

Music has been scientifically proven to help with brain development. You can go old school and make a mixed CD, buy the parents a premium Spotify subscription, or at the very least, make them a Spotify playlist. Anything from baby lullabies, instrumentals, white noise, or tunes for the parents to sing along to will work.


9: Sleep Sacks from Jaxs and Co

We're raving fans of Jaxs and Co Angel Sleep Sacks! Their sleep sack has a unique moisture-wicking design on the sleeve tips which prevents dribble soaking through, leaving baby uncomfortable and restless through the night. The broader base helps to prevent hip dysplasia as it lets baby sleep with their legs in the natural frog-like position. And the double zip makes for easy nappy changes, without having to remove the entire sleep sack.


10: Kiwi Bird Gift Boxes

Hand-selected gifts, already boxed and to suit a wide range of budgets at Christmas. Our favourite gift box from their collection features our Arrow print Gobstopperz NZ cuddly - made exclusively for KiwBird. It also has a Teething Tamer Balm by The Nude Alchemist, Kiwi Fern embroidered baby bodysuits, Soft fleece blanket & Elephant Shape Natural Wood Baby Teether By TWIGG Jewellery.


11: The Gift of Sleep (kind of)

We work with sleep consultants who recommend our Gobstopperz to clients. An alternative idea for a gift could be a voucher for tired parents who want some help getting some routine and more sleep into their nights.


12: Peek-A-Baby Wrap

We love the beige Peek-a-Baby wrap carrier for allowing you to be close to your baby while having the freedom and comfort to take on everyday life. What a fantastic gift to give baby and parents this Christmas!


13: A swimsuit from XO kids

The sun protection of a Rash Guard with play friendly shorts in a convenient one-piece swimsuit available in sizes 3 months to 4 years. 


14: Vaporiser from Ruby Kids

We're all for getting a good night's sleep around here! This all in one solution uses the latest technology using evidence-based research to help baby and family get a peaceful night's sleep.


15: For our cousins in Australia!

At the time of writing this, bushfires in NSW, Australia are causing delays sending to some of the affected areas. Coupled with usual Christmas post cut off times for International sending to our cousins in Australia and we're fast running out of time to things on their way to loved ones in Australia. Our friends at Snappies Cloth Nappies can help with an online order of our Gobstopperz, a beautiful cotton wrap, cloth nappy or something for the mums in our lives.


And lastly, the best gift of all is time. Christmas isn't just about the presents. It's a wonderful time to treasure our family and friends and take time out to share with those that we love. Our wee ones are wee for such a short time. Enjoy every minute you get with them this Christmas. 


Hopefully, this list gives you some great baby gift ideas that will still be practical for the parents too. Check out our vast range of Gobstopperz, teethers and soothers in the store now.


Oh, and have a wonderful holiday season!


Much love,

Brooke and family x





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