As a baby and infant sleep consultant I was so happy when I came across Gobstopperz! Not only is this a beautiful quality product, I love being able to recommend these to my clients as such a great positive sleep association! Gobstopperz make it easy for babies to learn the skill of dummy retrieval as they are the perfect size for babies to grasp onto! This product it also great for those babies to use just as a comforter also! Ticks all the boxes! Well done Brooke! 

Nicole Harper
Founder/Baby Sleep Consultant

Thank you Gobstopperz for introducing me to your Fab New Product. As a children's sleep consultant, i'm always looking for products that are both nurturing and comforting and encourage positive sleep associations. Not only does it make it easier for babies/children to find their dummy in the middle of the night, it also allows a child to form a strong attachment to the silky comforter too. This in turn makes it easier for parents to wean them off their dummy as they will still have the comforter to sleep with. I have also found that babies as young as 6-7 months are able to locate their dummy in the night due to the products unique texture, fabric combination and size. Highly Recommended.

Annette Faamausili. Serene Sleep. www.serenesleep.co.nz

obstopperz have been outstanding, from the beautifully made cuddly to Brookes first class customer service! Truly the whole experience from start to finish I have been blown away.
Not to mention that my two toddlers haven’t let go of their gobstopperz since we received them In the post!
It’s so important for a baby or toddler to feel safe and confident for sleep time and something that can make that happen is a comforter.
From one happy sleeping home to yours, I highly recommend this as your choice of comforter! 🥰
Tamara Bruce
Baby & Toddler Sleep Consultant
Gobstopperz are my favourite versatile cuddly for babies. I was thrilled when I came across Gobstopperz - they are everything I would want in a cuddly for a baby! I love and believe in this awesome New Zealand handmade product for many reasons - it's size for small hands, soft snuggly feel, the tag's that many baby's love to play with, the large range of stylish designs and that it's not just for dummy's but can easily clip onto anything. I happily recommend these to all parents.
Deb Janssen
Little Sleep Coach


We were given a Gobstopper when my daughter was born and it's been a lifesaver! I am a certified sleep consultant and highly recommend having a product like the Gobstopper to help teach babies to replug their own pacifier once they're at the age when they can. And until that age, the Gobstopper makes finding a lost dummy so much easier for parents! (No more bleary-eyed 2am searching on your hands and knees under the cot...) We have multiple Gobstoppers with a dummy clipped to each end, and our daughter haa been able to find them and replace them since about 8 months old. That means NO WAKING FOR US! Also the benefit of being able the wrap the dummy up and keep it clean while we're out and about is such a bonus. We love our Gobstoppers and just know that you will too!

Jess XX

Soothe Sleep Solutions for Littles