Thank you Gobstopperz for introducing me to your Fab New Product. As a children's sleep consultant, i'm always looking for products that are both nurturing and comforting and encourage positive sleep associations. Not only does it make it easier for babies/children to find their dummy in the middle of the night, it also allows a child to form a strong attachment to the silky comforter too. This in turn makes it easier for parents to wean them off their dummy as they will still have the comforter to sleep with. I have also found that babies as young as 6-7 months are able to locate their dummy in the night due to the products unique texture, fabric combination and size. Highly Recommended.

Annette Faamausili. Serene Sleep. www.serenesleep.co.nz

A BIG Thank You to Gobstopperz for my Boy's Awesome Gobstopper. After only a few days of having it he no longer needs a Dummy and hugs it every night in bed. Such a great comforter/taggy/toy or dummy holder. I'm hooked!

As an early childhood educator it's great to see an object with so many benefits. The sensory stimulation is great for all ages. Highly Recommended, even to those who don't use a pacifier.

M. Arnold B.Ed (teaching) ECE

 Myla was given her first Gobstopperz at 1 year from a good friend for her birthday, how i wished i had brought one sooner! No more losing the dummy during the night or around the house, it made it so much easier on everybody. She comforts herself to sleep fiddling with the little ribbon tags. Myla is the biggest Gobstopperz fan, she has four attached to one dummy. Now baby sister has one she has also started to find love in the little mink blankey and tags. I don't know where i would be without this great invention, thank you Gobstopperz.

Shannon Skelton. WAHM