Care Instructions For Your Gobstopperz

care instructions

Care Instructions For Your Gobstopperz

Whether it’s food, dirt, or baby drool - any cuddly will get grubby over time. They need to be extracted from your baby’s firm grip and given a good wash to be kept clean and hygienic.
Luckily, Gobstopperz versatile cuddlies are durable and easy to care for. That means getting them clean is no trouble. They are made from strong, high quality fabrics and can be either hand or machine washed.
It can often be a heart stopping moment when the cuddly has to go in the washing machine.
Will it survive the journey to the other side of the wash cycle?
Luckily, there are no worries with Gobstopperz. Here, we will elaborate on the care instructions needed to look after them.
P.S. The instructions are very minimal!

Care Instructions For Your Gobstopperz
Cleaning Your Child’s Cuddly
All parents worry about their child being exposed to germs or bacteria that could make them unwell. Research from Dettol has found that up to 80% of soft toys harbour staph bacteria, which can cause food poisoning and skin infections. They also found that about a quarter of soft toys contain coliforms, which are potentially harmful bacteria that are usually found in human and animal digestive tracts. Keeping soft toys, cuddlies, and binkies clean can prevent your child and the rest of your family from getting sick.
There is no required schedule or timeframe to wash Gobstopperz, as it will depend on how or where your child uses it. So just use your best judgement to decide when it needs a clean.
If your child has recently been unwell or had a virus, it’s good practice to wash all of their cuddly toys and blankies just in case. And, it’s always a good idea to have a spare for when one of them needs to go through the wash!

Machine Washing
Gobstopperz can be washed on a regular cycle in your washing machine. There are no special rules to follow with them, apart from the general rule of only washing with similar colours. If you want to further extend the life of your Gobstopperz, you can put it in a delicates bag to keep it extra safe. If you don’t have a delicates bag, you can use a pillowcase! This will also prevent any spin-cycle damage being done to the domes and sensory tags.
It is good practice to wash cuddly and binky toys separate from other laundry, to prevent cross-contamination.

Hand Washing

You can hand wash Gobstopperz to take care of smaller spots or spills, or for a quick clean on the go. It’s as easy as using a sponge or cloth with a bit of water. Or if you are out and about a wet wipe will do the trick. That should be enough to keep it clean until you can get it home to the washing machine!
Alternatively, if you want to take extra special care of your Gobstopperz, you could put it through a delicates cycle or give it a hand wash in the sink or a bucket.

And that’s pretty much it as far as care instructions go!
Gobstopperz goes wherever your child needs them to, so they can get a bit grubby from time to time. They can be attached to pacifiers, cot bars, car seats, play gyms, and strollers - or used as a snuggly soft handheld binky. They are versatile, easy to care for, and reasonably priced – so you can buy two and swap them out when it’s time for a clean!
Check out our awesome range online today.

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