Serene Summer Holidays With Gobstopperz!

Serene Summer Holidays With Gobstopperz!

Christmas is a magical time of year for the little ones.
They are often surrounded by family and friends, Christmas cheer is in the air and the sun is shining for lots of outdoor adventures.

Us parents might have more mixed feelings about this time of year!
While we mostly love the Christmas magic, it can be hard work. Especially when you throw summer holidays and travelling away from home into the mix.
So, here are our best tips to survive the silly season and beyond.

Serene Summer Holidays With Gobstopperz!

Snugglies On Hand
There is nothing worse than having to hunt high and low for a lost snuggly. Actually, there is something worse… having to hunt for a lost snuggly when you are far away from home!

Did it get left at Aunt Maude’s? Maybe at Nana’s house? Or maybe at your third cousin’s uncle’s brother’s house!
Short of ringing every family member you have, it could be lost to the wind!
That is of course, unless you have a Gobstopperz.

Able to be attached to everything from the nappy bag to the supermarket trolley, it is very hard to lose. Plus, at the other end, you can attach your little one’s pacifier so you don’t lose that either. Summer holidays made easy!

Sleepy Time

Sometimes it can be hard for little ones to settle in an unfamiliar environment. It feels a bit different, it smells a bit different, and chances are, it is a lot noisier than they are used to.

A little slice of home can be just what they need to feel comfortable and safe. That can be their Gobstopperz. Soft, snuggly and smelling of home, they will be asleep in no time.

Another couple of tips to help make sleep easier in an unfamiliar space are…

● Keep the room as dark as possible - if there are no blackout blinds, tinfoil works
really well as a temporary solution.

● Try a bit of white noise or soft music to relax little ears

● Maintain a similar bedtime routine to the one you have at home

Settling On The Go

Often, summertime means outdoor adventures and fun. This can interfere with your little one’s regular sleep schedule. It might mean you are having to settle on the go. No problem if you have your Gobstopperz with you!
Not only does it keep your pacifier safe and ready for when you need it, but it is also an instant snuggly. So, if you are sleeping in the pram, the car, the plane or the park, you will have everything you need for a power nap.

Helpful Travelling Tips

If you are heading away this summer, then remember to pack these things…

● A picnic blanket - great for the grass, the beach or any outdoor surface (also doubles as a tablecloth for picnic tables
● Extra food/formula - supplies might be limited in smaller towns, so make sure you take what your little one likes to eat/drink in case you can’t source it while away
● Try to book accommodation with a separate bedroom you can close off for bubs to get some uninterrupted sleep
● Embrace nap-time for the whole family!
● Chill out and have some time to relax
● Go now! You can make it work regardless of how old your baby is… don’t wait until they are “older”

Summer is a great time to have fun for kids of all ages (and parents too of course). If you are armed with your Gobstopperz then it makes vacation time that much easier!

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