The Importance Of Mummy Me-Time

The Importance Of Mummy Me-Time

It might feel like the chance to take time for yourself is a luxury right now.

But, you should be making that time a priority.

Without the chance to recharge your batteries, you risk your health, wellbeing and mental state. A recharged Mum is a happy Mum, and everyone benefits from that!

It probably feels like there is no time left in the day to prioritise yourself. However, you have needs too. And the great thing is that Me Time can really count even if you only have an hour or two each week.

Let’s explore the importance of Mummy Me Time and how you can fit it into your already overflowing schedule!

The Importance Of Mummy Me-Time

Mummy guilt can be all consuming. It makes you feel like you need to do better all the time!
The thing is, you are already an awesome Mum. You are already doing the best you can and your kids absolutely love you for it.

Want to know how you can love yourself for it too?

A little bit of Mummy Me Time is the answer!

While you spend your days taking care of everyone else, you push yourself to the bottom of the pile. You make yourself the lowest priority. When there are kids, partners, work, school runs, domestic jobs, commitments and everything else to think of, it is easy to forget about your own needs.

But, do you know what?

Taking some time for yourself can actually give you the power to tackle each day head on. Ditch the guilt and make yourself a priority. When you recharge your batteries, you will be unstoppable.

How To Make Time

Here are our best tips for how to carve out some Me Time for you!

1: Put it in your diary - if it is locked and loaded like any other appointment then you are less likely to cancel or move it.

2: Just say no! - It can be very easy to overload your schedule with a huge amount of responsibilities. Saying no to a couple of things will give you a window in your week to relax and take some time for you.

3: Know what lights your fire - What do you love to do? What makes you feel recharged and ready to tackle the rest of the week? Choose that activity for your Me Time. You will look forward to taking the time out and continue to make it a priority.

4: Ask for help - Revolutionary idea, I know! But, you don’t have to do everything yourself. Take the help of friends and family so that there is a bit less on your plate each week.

5: Squash the barriers - When it comes to Me Time we are very good of talking ourselves out of it. So, identify the possible barriers that might stop you and create solutions to make sure they aren’t barriers any more.

6: Switch off your phone - It is hard to be interrupted if they can’t get hold of you! Plus, phones are the black hole of time. They suck minutes away before you even realise it. Instead, prioritise quality Me Time that will revitalise you.

7: Spread the word - Get your other friends onto the idea as well. If you are all doing it then there is more chance of you all sticking to it!

Bonus tip: Take Me Time during nap time. Oh, and you can make nap time so much easier with our awesome Gobstopperz range. Not only is it made of the snuggliest naptime fabric, but it also keeps your little one’s soother safe so that they can self settle.

Mummy Me Time is super important. Make sure you prioritise the time to fit it into your week to recharge your batteries and protect your mental wellbeing.

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