Cool Baby Shower Gifts

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Cool Baby Shower Gifts

We have all had to miss out on at least one or two events during 2020. 

With lockdowns and social distancing part of life as we know it, we are used to delaying celebrations, parties, and get-togethers. However, when there's a baby on the way, pressing pause just isn't an option!

If you have a friend or family member expecting a new arrival, there are plenty of ways to show them you care by sending a thoughtful gift. 

So, open up your favourite online shopping portal, set up a team Zoom for that online baby shower, and peruse our list of the coolest baby shower gifts around.

Cool Baby Shower Gifts

A Gobstopper – Or Two!

Gobstopperz are the cool baby shower presents that every parent needs. Designed and made in New Zealand, they are a multi-purpose item that acts as a comforter and a handy holder for soothers, pacifiers, dummies, teethers, and rattlers.

The soft, snuggly fabric is available in a variety of bright colours, and the ingenious snap system means you can attach your Gobstopper not only to a soother, but also to car seat straps, cot bars, and more. 

For parents, this means baby’s precious soother is always within easy reach and doesn’t end up falling on the floor or the sidewalk dozens of times a day. Even more importantly, it means no more “dummy runs” in the night to fetch a tossed soother. Gobstopperz makes it easy for babies to retrieve it themselves and settle back to sleep.

Shop our range of stylish Gobstopperz here.

Sleep Spritz Sleep Spray

Nothing is more precious to a new parent than a few hours of sleep, and these special essential oils are designed to naturally soothe and calm babies to help them get some shut-eye.

Sleep Spritz is a blend of organic essential oils packaged in a Bamboo reusable glass bottle. Simply spritz it onto a cuddly (or your Gobstopper soother). The blend is natural, safe for babies, and provides valuable sleep cues to help everyone get a good night’s sleep. 

Logan & Alice Teether Toys

Teething can be a rough time for little ones – and their parents! Help make the uncomfortable transition easier to bear for all by gifting a gorgeous Logan & Alice Teether Toy.

These products come in a range of gorgeous colours and are designed so they are easy for babies to hold. The raised bumps on the back assist in promoting fine motor skills.

White Noise Machine

Life in the womb is a lot louder than we think, and it can be challenging for newborns to adjust to a much quieter life on the outside! Baby white noise machines recreate similar sound environments to the womb, helping baby get a sound sleep. 

A Photography Session

Those first few months are so precious yet fly by so fast! To help capture those memorable early days, gift your friend a newborn photography session with a professional photographer. The memories will be treasured forever.

Food Delivery

New parents are lucky if they have time to grab a few slices of toast during those first few months. To help everyone stay stress-free and nourished, why not gift a food delivery service? There are so many options available now – grab a subscription and let your friend choose their favourite meals. 

House Cleaning

Endless loads of laundry, piles of dishes, and sleepless nights make for stressed-out parents. The gift of a cleaning service to stay on top of things during those chaotic newborn weeks can help keep your loved one san

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