Should Your Child Have A Comfort Blanket Or Snuggly?

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Should Your Child Have A Comfort Blanket Or Snuggly?

 The debate has raged for years about whether or not kids should have a comfort item like a blanket or snuggly.

The good ole snuggly has managed to get itself a bit of a bad reputation. Some people will label them as a ‘babyish’ item that make children immature.

But, that actually couldn’t be further from the truth! Comfort blankets can actually encourage confidence and independence in your kids.

So, let’s look into the idea of a comfort blanket and how they can help your children.

What Is A Comfort Blanket?

A comfort blanket is exactly as it sounds, it is a blanket that provides comfort. But, it is far more than that too!

Blankies have the power to help your children sleep from as young as 4 months of age. They allow your baby, toddler or young child to settle themselves at bedtime and also to resettle themselves if they wake in the night.

Your comfort item can be literally anything that your child forms an attachment too. The earlier you introduce one, the more control you have over the item. If you wait for your child to select the comfort item, you could find yourself doing the rounds of the supermarket with their ‘favourite potato’ in tow!

By introducing a multi-purpose comforter like the Gobstopperz around 4 months of age, you will be sure to have snuggle-factor, style and practicality bases covered!

How Do They Work?

Initially, they are an item that smells like Mum. Prep your comfort blanket by carrying it close to your skin for a few days before giving it to your baby.

Then, introduce it at naptime by tucking it in next to them. They will be able to smell your scent on the fabric and be comforted by it. Doing this around 4 months old is the perfect age as this is generally when most babies transition out of a swaddle. Their hands will be free to grasp the snuggly.

Over time, they will grow an attachment to the comforter. The item will begin to have an association with bedtime. Getting it out will trigger a sleep routine and help your little one to settle. When they wake in the night, the snuggly will help them settle back to sleep without them needing to always cry out for you. 

Should I Use One?

Of course, every parenting decision you make is an individual choice based on what works best for your family. Having said that, we really believe that comfort blankets are a great resource for parents.

They help your baby to learn to fall asleep with the blanket for comfort, rather than it having to be Mum or Dad. Once they are firmly attached to the blanky, then they will not require as much of your assistance to go to sleep any more.

If you choose a Gobstopperz for your comfort item, then you can also attach your baby’s soother to it. This makes it easier for your little one to find their soother in the night, making it even easier for them to settle back to sleep.

A snuggly helps your child create the small level of independence required to self settle at nap and bedtime. Plus, if they are trying to sleep in a new environment - like while you are away or when they are at kindy or daycare - it becomes a familiar comfort that helps them get good rest, no matter where they are.

 Ready to get your hands on the cutest, most stylish comfort blankets? Then, head on over and shop the Gobstopperz collection now. Don’t forget to grab an extra in case cuddly number one is in the wash or gets misplaced!


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