Why You Should Avoid Using A Dummy Clip

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Why You Should Avoid Using A Dummy Clip

There are so many different accessories available for parents and babies these days – it can be hard to choose the best or safest ones.
There are sleeping aids, feeding accessories, travel doo-dads, pram add-ons, and goodness knows what else!
If there is one thing that we at Gobstopperz are experts in – it’s pacifier accessories!
Today we are going to talk about one pacifier accessory in particular. The dummy clip, and some of the reasons why it isn’t our go-to pacifier accessory.
Let’s explore...

What Is A Dummy Clip?

Dummy clips are short strands of ribbon that are attached to the hoop on the back of a pacifier, and then clipped on to your baby’s clothes. They are designed to keep the pacifier within easy reach and to prevent it from getting lost.
By keeping the pacifier nearby they can also be used to teach baby to self-soothe.
Dummy clips come in various colours and designs. Some are made from beaded strings, which can be personalised with different colours or with baby’s name.

Why You Should Avoid Them
There are a number of reasons why we don’t recommend using dummy clips. The main ones are:

● Safety concerns – there have been instances of babies and young children chokingnon small parts from dummy chains. This is especially a risk with beaded cords on chains, as the beads can break or be chewed off and become a significant choking hazard. There has also been legislation introduced that prevents dummy clips being sold if the ribbons or chains are too long. This is an attempt to reduce the risk of your baby becoming tangled in it. There has been recent product recalls in New Zealand of dummy clips that have been identified as unsafe.

● Uncomfortable materials – as dummy clips are usually made of ribbon, string, or a beaded chain with metal clips – they aren’t exactly the most snuggly or comfortable thing for a baby to hold and play with. The materials tend to be a bit rough and low quality.

● Can’t be used at bedtime – because of the significant choking risk they present, an unsupervised baby cannot use dummy clips and they certainly can’t be used at sleep time.

● Placement on clothing can annoy baby – by having the clip and pacifier constantly attached to baby’s clothes, dummy clips can be a pain during playtime. Think about it - as an adult would you want your phone hanging off your shirt while you’re going about your business?!

● Encourage dummy dependency – eventually, it does become time to wean your
baby off their pacifier. Parents can often tell when a baby is ready for this stage, as they pay less attention to the pacifier and will happily go off without it for longer
periods of time. Using a dummy clip can make it harder for a baby to naturally wean, as the pacifier is always right there so baby will simply grab it and use it.

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