Why You Shouldn’t Set New Years Resolutions

Why You Shouldn’t Set New Years Resolutions

Did you know that less than 10% of people ever achieve their new years resolutions?

Something of a tradition, resolutions have become as common as decorating the tree at Christmas or eating lots of chocolate at Easter.

But, just because it is something you have always done, should you continue to do it?

The answer is no.

New years resolutions aren’t all they have cracked up to be. In fact, they kind of set you up to fail! 

There are actually 365 chances in every year to make new beginnings, so why would we be tied to plucking goals out of the air on the 1st of January?

Here’s why you should skip the new years resolutions this year.

Why You Shouldn’t Set New Years Resolutions

The Timing Is Really Bad!

New Years Eve falls right in the middle of holiday season. Everyone is relaxed, chilling out at the beach and work is a distant memory. It is tempting to make grand plans for how life will be better this year and how you will finally do that one thing you have been meaning to do.

But then, real life returns. 

The fun, excitement and fulfilment of the holidays fades into the distance and you are left with the challenge of returning to your normal routine. This can be hard enough without the added pressure of a life transforming goal to achieve. 

Any goal set during the carefree holiday season can seem pretty daunting when life returns to normal. It might also seem a little less important and get pushed aside all too quickly.

Your Motivation Is Not Authentic

It might feel right to set new year goals along with everyone else in the world, but that initial motivation you feel is probably not authentic. Unless you are fully committed to a change, that motivation will disappear pretty quickly, along with your goal progress.

However, if you choose a time in the year when you are really passionate about change, you are far more likely to succeed. When something is really important to you, it doesn’t need to be a new year to get started!

Often, we set new years resolutions because we feel obligated to. And that is not a reason to truly make change. It is no wonder many new year goals fail to be reached.


A new diary or calendar is like a blank slate. It is full of potential and possibility. It feels like it should be filled with impressive, awe inspiring goals.

The problem with filling your diary with lots of big targets is that you can very easily become overwhelmed by them. That overwhelm then paralyses your progress.

It is far more sensible to pick one target to focus on. Then, chunk it down into bite sized portions that you can gradually complete throughout the year. Willpower will only get you so far, you need to have a sensible plan to push you forward to success.

They Don’t Align With Your Lifestyle

When you have a young family, the new year is not always the best time to embark on a new way of life. It may not fit into your current lifestyle or family situation.

And if it doesn’t align with your family and the way that you live, then it is doomed for failure from the very start. 

Instead of setting goals when the calendar says you should, do it when it suits your own personal situation. It can be hard enough raising little humans, you don’t want to put added stress on the situation!

Goals are great, we have lots of them here at Gobstopperz. However, we find the very best time to set goals is when you are feeling really passionate about them. You don’t have to wait until the start of the year or feel pressured to rush into something if the timing isn’t right.

Instead, set specific achievable goals at any time in the year... And go after them!

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