Meet Sleep Consultant Justine Kinsella - Hobsonville Point


What is your philosophy?

Sleep plays a crucial role in the healthy growth and development of children.
When our babies and toddlers sleep, their memories are consolidated helping them learn, language skills develop, important hormones that control appetite and mood are re-balanced and their immune system strengthens.

A child who is well rested will be happy, inquisitive and better able to focus and process information. Sleep is an essential nutrient for the overall wellbeing of our children.

I take a very holistic view to sleep and ensure healthy foundations are in place and developmentally appropriate for each child as a starting point. Sometimes even the smallest changes can make the world of difference!

How did you get into this?


After gaining a Bachelor of Arts with a major in Education from Victoria University, I began my lifelong ambition of working with young children.

Over the next 10 years I gained valuable experience and insights working across the full spectrum of baby and child care from nannying to Montessori within a daycare setting. I also became really interested in some of the challenges facing new parents.

In 2012 I moved to London to further my career and while working in the corporate world I was surrounded by working parents having difficulty achieving regular sleep patterns for their little ones. I decided to do some research in this area and found that there was help and support available

I returned to New Zealand in 2019 after my daughter was born and began comprehensive training as a sleep consultant. I’m now fully immersed in my role as an internationally certified Sleep Consultant supporting families around New Zealand with tailored sleep solutions for their babies and toddlers.

What is your approach with families?

By carefully considering each family context and their unique sleep challenges, I like to work collaboratively with parents to develop a solution that truly reflects their parenting style and beliefs as well as the needs and approach which will work best for their child. 

I love working with families to ensure sleep becomes a healthy, natural and happy

What are your top 3 things you recommend for parents who need help with supporting their little ones to sleep?
* Be mindful of your child’s awake windows to avoid overtiredness
* Establish a consistent bedtime routine to help your little one relax and wind down for sleep (pre-nap rituals are also really good!)
* Ensure your little ones sleep environment is perfectly set up to encourage the best quality, restorative sleep

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