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Meet Kathryn From Baby and Beyond
What is your philosophy?

The baby and beyond team all agree that every baby is unique and each family’s needs are different.
There is no “one size fits all” approach to parenting. We use our knowledge and skill set to support
parents in the choices they make around their birth experience, their method of feeding and desired
parenting style. We have a non-judgmental, non-biased approach. We believe the parent is the
expert in what is best for their family and their situation.
How did you get into this?
Becoming a sleep consultant became a natural progression in my career. I have worked as a nanny
with numerous families for many years, travelled overseas doing so and now have my own grown up
My motivation to be a sleep consultant was from my own experiences as a mother of 3 and my
desire to make the journey into parent hood as enjoyable as possible for new families.
What is your approach with families?
I compassionately support families to regain and sustain the confidence they need to tackle the
challenges that parenting brings. I offer information and guidance towards better sleeping habits for
the family that will allow their child to learn to sleep independently, plus follow-up support that will
help continue to maintain positive baby sleep patterns.
What are your Top 3 things you recommend for parents who need help with supporting their little
ones to sleep?
 Set the scene by using good sleep hygiene and creating familiar patterns.
 Set realistic goals/ avoid comparing yourself to others
 Trust your instinct, have confidence in your abilities
 Ask for help
 Have fun
(Opps that’s 5 lol!)

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