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What is your philosophy? 
I believe in working with a family as a whole. I respect each and every different way of parenting and work on a plan that aligns with your parenting philosophy. Every family I work with has different goals and expectations, I follow the pace of the family when working with them. Sleep training can often feel very overwhelming when you have a lot of changes to make - it does not need to be an overwhelming experience. 
How did you get into this?
My first child was not the best sleeper so I got a sleep consultant in - she literally changed my life. From then I went on to study sleep consulting and haven't looked back. It is such a rewarding job. Sleep is such a necessity and to bring it back into a household is so incredibly rewarding especially when you see the changes you have made to the whole family! I am a primary school teacher and have majored in psychology - I often use my psychology knowledge when working with families. Sleep deprivation often contributes to fragile mental states within a family, it is so important to reach out and get help!
What is your approach with families? 
I am all about getting families a better night’s sleep, without compromising individual parenting styles. I can empower you with the knowledge, guidance and reassurance to support your child to be a better sleeper.
What are your top 3 things you reccomend for parents who need help with supporting their little ones to sleep?
1. Sleep environment - it is so important to set up an environment that encourages restful sleep. 
2. Routine - little ones thrive on routine!
3. Good day sleep, makes for good night sleep! Focus on day sleep for a few days before you work on night sleep!

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