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Hi, I'm Kim, owner and consultant at Cherished Sleep, sleep consulting and Mum to two rambunctious school-aged children. I started Cherished Sleep because I saw first hand how lack of sleep almost ripped my family apart. Now I help others achieve healthy sleep habits and fix sleep issues using a mixture of my overseas training in gentle methods, along with experience and my health and education background. Poor sleep doesn't have to be a reality just because you have children!

What is your philosophy, how did you get into this?

My Philosophy

I truly believe good sleep is the panacea to many of the modern world’s ills. Sleep is so beneficial for growth, development and learning that you want to make sure your baby is off to a good start. My first child was not a good sleeper and I got onto it much later than I would have liked (I was much better by the time I had my second). Often with poor sleepers you need to make some changes, and for my first child (premature, with colic and an undiagnosed lip tie) I cottoned onto this a bit late.

This is why I’m so passionate when teaching new and established parents about sleep. When I introduce healthy sleep habits, they're all the things I wish I had known first time round! It would have made parenting my first child so much easier! Jump forward 10 years and we still need to manage my son’s sleep at times as he has dyslexia, anxiety and ADHD. Any overtiredness makes my sons symptoms 100 times worse, and good sleep helps him cope 100 times better! I work with babies, toddlers and older children (as well as adults now) to help with sleep as it’s just so important for a healthy happy life! For everyone!

What is your approach with families?

When working with your family it’s important for me to get to know you and where you’re at. Each child is unique and so is the relationship and dynamic you have with them. While you will find similarities in sleep plans (because we are all human), it’s important to realise there is no one-size fits all approach. Having a sleep plan that is tailor-made for your family is important. As is support when you need it. Because, lets face it, if you’re struggling with sleep you’re really not at your best and everything is harder! Fixing sleep problems often fixes family relationships. And I love to see the benefits for everyone, not just your child! It’s why I do what I do! Good sleep really is that important.

What are your Top 3 things you recommend for parents who need help with sleep training?

(can I put contact me as #1?? 🤪 )

1.      Set some measurable goals – know what you are hoping to achieve.

2.      Have a plan - a goal without a plan is just a wish – know what steps to take so you can reach your goal.

3.      Work as a team – have family on the same page, because you don’t want baby getting confused with different people doing different things. The extra moral support is also invaluable.

Top 3 tips for babys sleep time

Create a predictable bedtime routine

Babies and children thrive on routines. Knowing what comes next in a structured bedtime routine helps your little one relax into the process. And we all fall asleep better if we are relaxed! It can take a couple of weeks for your babies’ brain to recognise the same thing happens each night, so you can start the routine before you start any official sleep training changes. This way your child is already in the habit of a good bedtime routine.

Same place for sleep

Putting your child down for sleep in the same place every night (and as much as possible for naps during the day), lets them know they are in a safe space. This safe place also lets them know that this is where sleep happens. Babies get use to what they know. So start as you mean to go on.

Avoid overtiredness

Scheduling naps and bedtimes appropriate for your child’s development will help them get the sleep they need. If they stay up too long and get past the tired stage into overtired, sleep is much harder to achieve. Don’t let anyone tell you that keeping your baby up all day will help them sleep at night. This may work for older children and adults but has a detrimental affect on sleep for babies.

Kim X

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