How Gobstopperz Helps You Get More Sleep

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How Gobstopperz Helps You Get More Sleep

If you have recently added a little human to your family then you may be struggling to
remember what a good night’s sleep feels like.
For many parents of babies and toddlers, sleep might seem like an elusive memory from a
time long ago… But don’t despair!
You can get more sleep.
A Gobstopperz versatile cuddly might be just what you need to get your child sleeping better
– meaning a more peaceful and restful night for yourself!
How can it give you this seemingly magical gift?
Well, read on and we will tell you how!

How Gobstopperz Helps You Get More Sleep

Self Settling
Self-settling (or self-soothing) is a developmental stage.

This means it is a skill that a baby
grows into, as they get older. It refers to their ability to go from being awake to being sound asleep, without any assistance from mum or dad.

It is the same as learning how to talk or eat solids – it just takes a bit of time and practise!

There are ways to help a baby in their journey to self-settling, like having a regular bedtime and pre-bed routine. Another tried and true way is by using a comfort item, like their favourite blanky, binky, or soft toy.

This is where Gobstopperz comes in!
Gobstopperz help to develop the self-settling skill by creating positive sleep associations.

Having a familiar comfort item that helps your baby to relax will, in turn, help them settle and sleep independently. This results in more sleep for them and more sleep for you too!

When Gobstopperz are attached to a soother or to the cot bars, they are in easy reach for baby to pick up or touch during the night to comfort themselves and go back to sleep.

More Than Just A Cuddly

Gobstopperz are also much more than just a cuddly. They are specially designed to act as sensory or tactile play toys, too.

All children benefit from sensory play. It stimulates their senses and teaches them about
their surroundings and the wider world. It is why babies want to put everything in their mouths, touch and grab at things, or make strange sounds using their mouths and lips. It’s
all about learning!

Many sensory play activities like water play, sand boxes, finger painting, or learning with buttons and zips are suitable for older children.

However, babies are a lot more limited in their play and learning activities.

So, using simple and age-appropriate items like a binky, cuddly, or soft toy to develop these important skills is the perfect place to start.
Gobstopperz encourages sensory play with their various exciting patterns, textures, and

They are made from soft, snuggly fabrics which babies just love to hold and cuddle
into. The satin tags also keep little fingers and brains busy.

Sensory And Sleep
The sensory sensory experience that Gobstopperz provides is exciting and tiring for little,
developing minds. So, it helps them to get more tuckered out for bedtime! This means they
are more likely to fall asleep and stay asleep during the night.

A happy, settled, and tired baby will naturally have a better night’s sleep. This means some extra ZZZ’s for the rest of the family, too!

That sounds pretty good, huh?!

So, if you are ready for more sleep and a better night’s sleep, then a Gobstopperz can help you achieve it.

Be sure to take a look at the great range of Gobstopperz and try it out for
yourself! You can also read more about how Gobstopperz helps with baby’s development by
checking out the rest of our blogs.

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