How Gobstopperz Help Parents Save Time, Money, And Sanity

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How Gobstopperz Help Parents Save Time, Money, And SanityAh yes – time, money, and sanity… Three things most parents could probably use more of!
But most of us probably lack all three!
Wouldn't it be great if there was a magical device that could grant us all those things?
Great news, there is such a device!
I dunno if it’s magic… but, a Gobstopperz versatile cuddly is a must-have for parents. This
multi-purpose tool does it all. It soothes, entertains, and educates all in one soft and stylish
That means it ticks the boxes for the big three. It helps to save time, money and sanity.
Let’s take a quick look at why Gobstopperz is an essential item for anyone with a little one!

Save Time, Money and Sanity with Gobstopperz
Sick of hunting high and low for that soother? We have a solution for that!
The unique Roll, Wrap, and Snap function of our Gobstopperz helps to keep soothers and
dummies clean, safe and locatable!
You lay the Gobstopperz face up, roll the soother from the top to the bottom, cross the
snaps over each other and around the soother before snapping them together. This protects
anything inside from the dust and crumbs on the car floor or in a bag. That means less time
washing and sterilising soothers!
Gobstopperz can be attached to the nappy bag, car seat, crib, play gym, and pretty much
anywhere else! No more spending time hunting high and low trying to find where the cuddly
has gone. You can snap it in a convenient place so you know exactly where it is next time it’s
needed. Plus, if you have the soother attached as well, you won’t lose that either!

Gobstopperz are made with care from high quality materials right here in Aotearoa, New
Zealand. Despite being well loved by their little owners, they are long lasting and machine
washable. They are not going to wear out or need replacing as often as lower quality cuddly
toys or binkys.
Your Gobstopperz versatile cuddly is adaptable, meaning it attaches to any soother. You
don’t need to buy multiple cuddlies because this one can do it all! They are easy to roll up or
snap onto something so they don’t get lost – which hopefully means less money spent
buying replacements!
We make sure that our Gobstopperz are always priced affordably so that all little ones get
the chance to enjoy their snuggliness. Plus, we also stock a range of different sizes. Mini Gobstopperz are available for a lower price than the regular size and are suitable for
younger or newborn babies.

Gobstopperz are a sanity-saver for parents in many ways. But the most popular way they
can help is that they help babies learn to self-soothe.
Used as part of a regular sleep time routine, they can form positive sleep associations
making it easier to get baby to sleep at night. Having one of our Gobstopperz attached to a
dummy or soother makes it easier for your baby to find it if they lose it during the night.
Being able to locate it independently helps them to soothe themselves back to sleep more
quickly without needing to wake mum or dad.
Gobstopperz can also help ease the transition from using a dummy or soother. As an
attachment has been formed to the cuddly, the soother can be removed and the child still
has a familiar comfort item to sleep with and use for self-soothing.
The various textures and materials used on our Gobstopperz make them great for sensory
play. Babies and toddlers can keep themselves busy while they play with and learn from
their Gobstopperz cuddly. This is great for car rides, visits to the supermarket, or when
parents just need a bit of quiet time!

Have we convinced you? Do you need a Gobstopperz in your life to save time, money and
Gobstopperz really are so helpful for parents and babies alike. If you would like to find out
more you can read the testimonials and product reviews from our happy customers, or
check out our awesome range and pick one up for yourself today!

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