Why You Should Change Your Opinion About Using A Dummy

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Why You Should Change Your Opinion About Using A Dummy


As with many things to do with parenting, there is a debate over whether you should use a dummy or a soother with your baby.

Decades of opinions have developed a set of very common questions...

Won’t they become dependent on them?

Will it wreck their teeth?

Will I still be able to feed them properly?

These are all valid questions to ask. They are on the lips of many parents.

But there are also many positive benefits to using a soother, including comfort and better sleep. Here is why you should change your negative opinion on soothers and embrace how great they can be for your baby…


Why You Should Change Your Opinion About Using A Dummy

Dummies… Should you use one?

Of course every baby is different and we certainly don’t encourage forcing something on your child if they are just not interested. But, dummies or soothers can really help your baby be a lot more comfortable in many ways.

And if your baby is more comfortable, then you will be more comfortable too!


Changing The Negative Perceptions

Many of the concerns surrounding using a dummy are to do with oral health. There is a fear that using a soother can impact your child’s teeth or jaw if they become attached to a dummy. Luckily, there is no risk to their oral health in the early years. It is only a concern if prolonged use occurs. Such as when their adult teeth are starting to develop.

There is also a bit of a fear that breastfeeding your baby will become difficult if they begin to prefer a dummy. That is why it is recommended to introduce a dummy after you have established a good feeding routine (either a breast or bottle routine).

And what about when it comes time to give it up?

Well the good news is that it is far easier to wean your baby off a soother than if they were sucking a finger or thumb. A soother can be gently removed, but you can’t exactly do the same with your baby’s thumb!

So, now that we have covered off the negative perceptions, let’s look at the positives…


How A Soother Can Help Your Baby


This is one of the most popular reasons to introduce a dummy. Soothers will provide your baby with comfort so they can calm their cries and settle for sleep. Babies are born with a natural reflex to want to suck. In fact, babies are even known to suck on their fingers in the womb. Using a soother satisfies that need and prevents your baby from getting distressed when they already have a full tummy.

Even tiny babies can become stressed and anxious at times. The sucking motion can help to reduce their stress when they are upset. The soother is the perfect solution for that.

Pain Relief

Non-nutritive sucking, meaning sucking that does not involve feeding, can be used as a pain relief technique for babies. Using a dummy provides an easy and drug-free way of comforting your baby when they are in pain. It can aid all kinds of discomfort such as tummy aches, one-off immunisations or ongoing medical conditions.

Better Sleep

Soothers can help to comfort a fussy baby, allowing them (and you) to get some much needed rest. Allowing them the relief of the sucking action can help them settle for sleep easier. Plus, it is a method that does not involve calories so your baby will not form the habit of being fed to sleep.

Dummies also encourage self settling when your baby is older and can find their own soother. Instead of crying when they wake, they can simply pop their dummy back in their mouth and drift off again - with the help of a Gobstopperz of course www.gobstopperz.co.nz

Even better still, the use of a soother during sleep and nap time has been linked to a reduced risk of SIDS. Doctors are not sure of the exact link between a dummy and the reduced risk, but several studies have proven it to be true.


To wrap up this article I just wanted to reiterate a very important point… While we support the use of soothers here at Gobstopperz, we understand they are not for everyone. They provide some babies with immense comfort, whereas other babies do not like them. Do what works for your family!

Soothers and dummies are great, until your baby cannot find it when it pops out. Prevent the panic of losing a soother by attaching it to a lovely, snuggly Gobstopperz! Then your baby will have a snuggly comforter and a guaranteed way to find their dummy every time. Check out the range in store now…www.gobstopperz.co.nz

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