Why You Need A Gobstopperz In Your Life

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Why You Need A Gobstopperz In Your Life

Parenting is one of the most rewarding things you will ever do. But it is no secret that it can
be a hard job. So, you need a multi purpose tool up your sleeve to make things easier.
Gobstopperz is that tool!
More than just a cute and cuddly accessory, Gobstopperz can save your sanity.
Here are some of the reasons you need a Gobstopperz in your life…

1: You Get Your Sleep Back
The soft minky fabric is a soothing, cuddly comforter for your little one, plus the clip function
makes it easy for them to find their dummy in their cot at night. Both of these things help
your baby to self settle, allowing you to get more shut eye each night.
2: It Improves Your Baby’s Brain Function
The first year of life is one of the most important learning times for a child. This is when they
develop essential skills like hand eye coordination. Gobstopperz can help your baby master
their motor skills by coordinating getting their soother back in their mouth and by exploring
the sensory play tabs.
3: Saves Sanity
You know that moment when you are juggling the baby, a diaper bag, the groceries and your
coffee… then the pacifier falls out of your baby’s mouth and hits the floor? No more with
Gobstopperz! Clip your dummy or a teether to this minky wonder and worry no more about
lost soothers!
4: Saves Time
We have all frantically rummaged through a diaper bag for the pacifier as your baby gets
more and more tearful. Gobstopperz allows you to locate that soother in no time! Tuck it in
the side of your nappy bag or in your back pocket for super easy (and speedy) access.
5: No More Germs
One of a parent’s biggest fears is hearing that soother hit the floor or the cafe table. Argh,
germs! But the Gobstopperz Wrap, Snap and Roll function keeps that soother safe from
germs when not in use. Or you can wrap the cover up instead so you always know where it

These are just a few of the reasons that you need this awesome 100% New Zealand creation
in your life. You will discover many more benefits when you get yours home.
Shop the amazing range of colours and patterns now.

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