Why Gobstopperz Are Made With The Same Design Every Time

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Why Gobstopperz Are Made With The Same Design Every Time

You know when you lock onto a winning formula?

What is the first thing that you do?

Well, you replicate it of course.

It goes with anything. A bedtime routine that works, an amazing dinner creation, the perfect sandwich filling, the exact process to get your whole house cleaned in an hour…

If it works, you are going to do it again and again.

The same goes for the design for Gobstopperz. They are made in the same way every time because they work. Oh, and there is a bit of science behind it too.

Check out why Gobstopperz are made the same every time.

Why Gobstopperz Are Made With The Same Design Every Time

A Winning Formula

After being disappointed by what was on the market when her kids were young, Gobstopperz founder Brooke got creative. She sat down at her sewing machine determined to make a practical solution to dangerous dummy clips.

After a bit of experimentation and a few iterations, the Gobstopperz was born in all its glory.

And people started buying it. They started telling their friends, and their friends bought it too. Then, word got out and people up and down New Zealand and Australia were buying them.

Throughout that time, the design didn’t change because it performed the job it was meant to. It kept soothers safe and clean, it was a soft and snuggly cuddly, it helped with sensory development and play, plus it’s damn hard to lose!

The Science Behind It

So, why does the Gobstopperz work so well?

Quite simply, it works because it is a well thought out product. Made by a Mum for other parents, it ticks all the boxes of practicality with a healthy dose of snuggliness too!

It removes the panic of soothers being dropped on the ground or getting lost/dirty inside your nappy bag. It also removes the ever-present fear of losing a comfort item while out and about. The fact that it attaches to bag straps, strollers, supermarket trolleys or anything else, means it is in easy reach and easy visibility at all times.

By attaching your Gobstopperz to your baby’s soother, it creates a small amount of pull that encourages sucking. This has a whole range of benefits like reducing the risk of SIDS, satisfying your baby’s natural suck reflex and allowing for self soothing.

In the first couple of years, babies learn a lot through their senses. So, Brooke thought about this too. The satin tags help with sensory development, as does the soft minky fabric.

Because kids love their Gobstopperz, they can be used as a comfort blanket too. That means better quality sleep for your little ones and for you too! You can read more about the benefits of comfort blankets to you and your baby by clicking here https://gobstopperz.co.nz/blogs/baby-development/your-child-s-attachment-to-their-cuddly-blanky-explained

A Range Of Patterns

Even though Gobstopperz all have the same base design, we do like a bit of variation when it comes to colours and size.

Here at Gobstopperz, we use a range of different patterns to make our staple creation. You can shop the range here and find a pattern to match every outfit!

We also have two different sizes of Gobstopperz. The standard size for seasoned Gobstopperz-lovers and a mini size for the up-and-coming Gobstopperz-lovers! That means, you can select a size that suits your little one.

The mini size is perfect for kids around 6 months of age. When you are ready, simply upgrade to the standard size. But your mini won’t go to waste. Use it is a handy way to connect your keys to your bag and always have a soft snuggly item on hand for bubs!

So now you know why Gobstopperz are made the same every time, are you ready to grab yours? Then head on over to the online shop now.

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