The Importance Of A Familiar Cuddly

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The Importance Of A Familiar Cuddly

It is no secret that a snuggly or a cuddly is a pretty important family member!

That is easily proven when the house needs to be turned upside down at naptime or bedtime to locate said cuddly. Otherwise… all hell will break loose!

We know our little ones love the feel of a familiar cuddly. 

But, why are they so important?

That attachment (while hard when they watch it go round and round in the washer, counting the minutes until they can hold it again) is actually a vital part of their wellbeing, and your own.

Want to know why? Then read on to find out…

Why Is A Cuddly So Important?

A cuddly or snuggly can play an important role in your child’s development. Here are 3 of the main reasons why:

Provide Comfort

This is a bit of an obvious one, but a familiar object to cuddle with can be a really great way to relieve any stress or anxiety your little one might be feeling. 

In the first three years of their lives, our babies and toddlers are in an intense phase of learning. They are curious and inquisitive, but sometimes, all those new things can be a little overwhelming and scary. Especially if they are in an uncertain or unfamiliar environment.

Having a familiar item to snuggle with gives them reassurance, helping them to cope with those unsettling emotions. A familiar cuddly will come to the rescue in many circumstances - needing to fall asleep in an unfamiliar setting, starting daycare and being away from Mum and Dad, or during daylight savings when the change of time plays havoc on sleeping patterns.

Being able to hold that familiar favourite close helps them to feel less threatened and allows them to self soothe. This in itself is hugely beneficial as your little one is learning independence. They can rely on their own ability to seek comfort, rather than always needing you to settle them.

Foster Development

As we mentioned above, our little ones are learning to do everything right now. That can be as basic as finding out how to use their limbs and as complicated as learning to form sentences. A familiar cuddly can help them with the development of all these things.

When using a Gobstopperz, you can fix your baby’s pacifier or teething ring to the end. Not only is your baby learning how to self soothe with the soft minky fabric, but they are also practising their hand eye coordination by guiding the item back into their mouth.

Babies also have an extremely cute habit of gurgling or talking to their favourite things. This helps to foster and develop their social and communication skills.

Encourages Good Sleeping Habits

It is safe to say that humans can do some pretty irrational things when we are tired. Emotions can run high and we might develop behaviours that we wouldn’t dream of playing out when feeling refreshed and well rested!

So, it is no wonder that children seek items of comfort when it comes time to go to sleep. They will gravitate towards something that is going to soothe them. A snuggly or cuddly is the perfect answer. Having that familiar item will help them settle for sleep quicker.

You can even use the item as a trigger for sleeping. Bring it out as your baby is getting ready for bed and make it part of your nighttime routine. That way, your little one will learn, when it is time to cuddle that snuggly, it is also time to go to sleep. They can also use that comfort and familiarity to settle themselves back to sleep if they wake in the night. 

Better sleep for everyone!

A familiar cuddly can do wonders for your little one and for your own sanity too. Gobstopperz are the perfect snuggly solution. Not only are they made from the softest fabric, but they also have the ability to attach a soother. These snaps perform a double function as you can attach the Gobstopperz to items like your nappy bag, the supermarket trolley, or the cot to prevent them from getting lost.

Shop the collection now to grab your very own familiar cuddly!

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