How Gobstopperz Helps With Baby Brain Development

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How Gobstopperz Helps With Baby Brain Development
As parents, we always look for ways to give our kids the best start at life.
No matter what, we want them to thrive, grow and succeed.
So, we hunt out the best of the best for our kids. Often spending far more than we should!
Thankfully, there are some affordable items out there that can make a real difference in
their brain development.
Gobstopperz are more than just an adorable (and affordable) soother accessory! Our
versatile cuddly range can help with many aspects of baby brain development, both at home
and on-the-go.
Let’s take a look at how Gobstopperz help with coordination, self-settling, and sensory play.
How Gobstopperz Helps With Baby Brain Development
Newborn babies are not able to associate their eyes with what their hands are doing. They
might be looking one way, while their hands are doing something completely different over
the other way! A lot of the time their hands aren’t in their line of sight, so they aren’t even
aware of them.
After a few months, a baby has become more aware of their hands and that they can
mobilise and use them. This is when they might start batting or grabbing at toys hanging
from their play gym. With practice, the batting becomes less random and more intentional
as they learn to control their hands. This is when hand-eye coordination is established.
Gobsopperz are a great tool for a young baby who is learning or mastering hand-eye
coordination. They can be attached to play gyms, car seats, prams, and cot bars so baby can
practice their coordination wherever they go!
Once a baby learns to self-settle, they (and their parents!) will be getting better sleep with
fewer disruptions. Self-settling can be aided by a soother or cuddly.
From around five months of age, a baby is able to locate and pick up their soother or cuddly
for themselves. That means they can calm and settle themselves back down without relying
on a parent. This is known as a positive sleep association.

Positive sleep associations help your baby to feel better about falling asleep by themselves.
If they only ever fall asleep with you rocking or comforting them, this becomes their trigger
for falling asleep. By creating a sleep association with a cuddly or a soother, your baby is
then able to settle and sleep more independently – giving everyone a bit more freedom!
A Gobstopperz cuddly is perfect for aiding self-settling as they can be attached to a soother,
making it easier to find and pick up in the cot. They are also made of soft, comforting fabric
that helps to calm your baby if they are feeling upset.
Sensory Play
Activities that stimulate the senses are known as sensory play. When babies touch new
objects, feel different textures, hear new sounds, or see something new, they are learning
through their senses. This helps your baby to develop creatively, cognitively, physically, and
Sensory play is also helpful for babies when they become upset, as it distracts them and
focuses their attention on something different and interesting. Sensory learning also takes
up a lot of focus and energy meaning they will be tired and ready to sleep at bedtime!
Gobstopperz are fantastic for sensory play as they are made from a range of soft and
snuggly fabrics with various textures, colours, and patterns. They also have satin loops
attached to the bottom to further enhance the sensory experience.
As you can see, Gobstopperz are fabulous for boosting your baby’s brain development. They
come in a range of fun and funky fabrics as well as two different sizes. Head on over to the
store and shop the collection now.

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