KC Fit @ Home mums online fitness membership
KC Fit @ Home mums online fitness membership
KC Fit @ Home mums online fitness membership

KC Fit @ Home mums online fitness membership

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Remove the shame, stop silently suffering mum and learn how to keep your KNICKERS DRY while Exercising, Coughing, Sneezing, Laughing and even yelling at your 

Your pelvic floor is a muscle that needs healing especially after you have had a baby. It's likely you have had core separation, you may also find that you have symptoms like a sore lower back, wetting yourself when sneezing, coughing or exercising, sex can be painful ect...

There are different levels in Kirstyn’s programmes that you need to achieve. Kirstyn will help and guide you to move along to the next level, healing your pelvic floor and then your body so you can enjoy being in it.

We know you will love the programmes.

Sneeze without Wees - $57 lifetime access

KC Fit @ HOME - Mum's online fitness membership. Workout videos from 4min - 45min. 3 levels from 1. Beginners, core foundations, posture, glute strength. 2. Intermediate, whole body, low impact. 3. Advanced, whole body, higher impact. YOGA especially for mums. Workout from home in your time, at your level guided the whole way through by Kirstyn - be ready to laugh and love yourself again. $10 a week

KC Fit Core Restore - 6 Mum specialized deep core workout videos designed to help you progressively: close any tummy separation, flatten your lower mummy tummy, Improve core stability & strength, ease lower back pain and learn great effective foundational core exercises. $97 lifetime access

You can join through this link now.


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