Kangen Alkaline Water Machine

Kangen Alkaline Water Machine

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I am a firm believer in you are what you consume.

Last year I invested in a kangen water machine so that my family was always drinking high vibrational clean water. 

The filters clear out all the fluoride, chlorine and much more, if you taste waht comes out the dirty water tube it tastes like a swimming pool. 

My kids no longer enjoy drinking the water they get at school as they are so used to our beautiful water at home. 

For more information and to be put in touch with my support crew. 

Depending on which machine you are after they currently range from $5129 for the cheapest machine A deposit of $988 is usually required.

Monthly payments $225 for 20 months to pay it off.

They are shipping during lockdown and the shipping cost $35 Nz dollars.