Eye Soothe (org) 50ml

Eye Soothe (org) 50ml

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Eye Relief, Contact Lenses, Tired Eyes, Allergies.

Due to problems with leakage, this product is currently only available with a dripulator and not a spray top

Botanical Name or Ingredients
Rose Floral Water (organic), Chamomile Roman Floral Water (organic), Lavender Floral Water (organic).

Eye Soothe is formulated to minimise discomfort & support natural healing. It may be especially useful for infections or allergies. Used by midwives for baby crusting. Drop or spray into eye or apply to cotton wool & rest on eyes for 10 minutes. Contains: Lavender, Chamomile & Rose Floral Waters (all organic).

Eye Relief -Whether irritation is due to allergy, infection, contact lenses, pollution or dust, Eye Soothe is an exceptionally pure and gentle, naturally therapeutic solution for cleansing and refreshing.

Contact Lenses -When dryness creates discomfort for wearing lenses, Eyes Soothe is a totally natural, very pure solution for adding therapeutic moisture to the eyes.

Tired Eyes -So gentle and pure, Eye Soothe is a safe, cooling response to the discomfort of tired, strained eyes.

Allergies -Eye Soothe can help to cleanse irritated eyes and ease the discomforts caused by allergies or airborne pollution.

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