Chest Care Cream (org) 100ml

Chest Care Cream (org) 100ml

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Congestion, Bronchitis, immunity.

Botanical Name or Ingredients
Absolute Massage Cream (organic), Lavender Spike (organic), Eucalyptus Blue Gum (organic), Fir Balsam (organic), Spruce Black (wild).

Helps to clear mucus congestion, supports healthy breathing & immune functions. Very safe, absolutely pure & gentle for children (1yr+). 0-1yr mix equally with Sweet Almond oil. Apply to chest & back as required. Contains: Lavender*, Eucalyptus*, Fir*, Spruce in Absolute Massage Cream*.

Congestion -Supports a healthy airflow in the nose and chest and helps support natural processes that clear mucus.

Coughs -If you are worried about persistent coughing or a bronchial condition, you can use this cream to assist normal respiratory activity, it is natural and pure, designed to work in harmony with your baby's body, and can be used safely alongside prescribed medicines when necessary.

Immune Protection -When children and their siblings begin to socialise in school, they become exposed to many new bugs especially in winter months. Using this cream on the chest and on the spine offers added immune support.