Baby Teething Blend (org) 25ml

Baby Teething Blend (org) 25ml

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Tooth Ache, Soothe & Settle Restlessness.

Olive Oil (organic), Jojoba Oil (organic), Lavender True (organic), Chamomile Roman (organic).

Gentle soothing & comforting qualities for natural support through teething. Apply with compress or gentle massage to cheek & neck. Help to settle restlessness & aid sleep. Massage to tummy in clockwise direction. Contains: Olive*, Jojoba*, Lavender*, Chamomile*.

Pain Management -Apply by massage, or if preferred by warm compress, for direct absorbtion to painful nerve activity. Very gentle and relaxing.

Baby Teething -The exceptionally pure active oils used in this blend contain gently analgesic, sedative and calmative properties. Baby Teething Blend offers a wonderfully soothing aroma and can be applied directly to the cheek with gentle massage or via a warm compress for the added benefit that heat offers.