Alpine Baby Fern 10ml

Alpine Baby Fern 10ml

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Keyword: The Mother

Breath of spirit; times of spiritual gestation or inner growth; giving birth to oneself; to connect with and call in the spirit of a child, creation or enterprise; to assist or make peace with a child in spirit.

About First Light® Shamanic Collection©:
First Light® shamanic essences No’s 97-120 carry specific vibrational qualities that provide energetic support and protection to the 21st century practitioners – those in the healing and helping professions, shamanic healers, energy workers, counsellors, massage therapists, naturopaths, doctors, homeopaths, nurses, hospice workers, care givers and all those who are personally walking the healing path or working with those in need of assistance.

About First Light® Essences:
First Light® essences are natural vibrational remedies that offer a powerful yet gentle means to support holistic wellbeing. Made with plants, pure water and sunshine, they are 100% natural preparations that work holistically to help bring all aspects of the being into alignment.

The complete range consists of 184 essences made from native plants that grow in pristine forests of Aotearoa, New Zealand. First Light® essences are the sacred plant medicine of Aotearoa - a gift from nature that helps to facilitate spiritual awakening and expanded awareness.

How to Use:

First Light® essences come in 10ml stock bottles and can be used directly or made into treatment blends. Place 3 drops on the tongue or add 3 drops to make a treatment blend (up to 8 essences for a blend).

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