Sleep 50ML refill
Sleep 50ML refill

Sleep 50ML refill

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Our Refill bottle is a 50ml Aluminum or Glass dropper bottle now available to order, make a huge savings of $65 by using our refill option.

Store your Refill in the fridge for longer lasting or a cool dark place. 

Please note you must have a sprayer bottle to transfer this mixture into. Or simply add drops to your defuser. 

In this blend you will find sedative essential oils, designed to help your baby to sleep.

Packaged in a recyclable aluminium reusable 50ml bottle with a squeeze dropper lid. 

Our Sleep Spritz is made from ingredients sourced from BioGrow New Zealand suppliers, which means they are 100% natural and organic.

There is a proven direct link between smell and the brain. Your baby is soothed naturally, not only by the healing properties of the Essentail Oils used but also by their calming fragance.

Parents you can rest assure in the knowledge that you are using a plant based natural therapy and not something which has been synthesized in a laboratory.

All oils are infused into the udH20 making them that much more safer for babies.

*Qualified Aromatherapist Certified*
Manufactured by Aura Aromatherapy

PLEASE NOTE: Spritz is for your cuddlys only, not to be ingested.

Want to try a sample, these are currently $2 to add to your cart NOW. 

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