How To Get Baby To Sleep In The Warmer Weather

How To Get Baby To Sleep In The Warmer Weather

The great news is that you don’t have to panic. You can help your baby adjust to the warmer weather.

Finally! You have managed to get your baby into a great sleep routine.

But... uh-oh… Suddenly, the sweltering hot weather arrives and that all goes out the window!

Eeeek! What can you do?

Here are some quick tips on how to get baby to sleep in the warmer weather...

How To Get Baby To Sleep In The Warmer Weather

Dealing With Lighter Evenings

Very young babies won’t have developed a sense of day and night yet, but for those that are slightly older the longer days may disrupt their sleep times.

Why is that?

Well, it all comes down to the melatonin levels in the body. Melatonin is the body’s sleep hormone - it relaxes the body and increasing your desire to sleep. When the light starts to decrease, your body produces more melatonin to indicate it is time for rest. But when it doesn’t get dark until 9pm in summer, that doesn't help your baby settle at their usual time!

To help your little ones counteract the lack of melatonin production, you can darken their room with black out blinds or curtains.

Addressing The Heat

When it is hot and sticky outside, it is hard for anyone to sleep. Help your baby to feel more comfortable in their bed by keeping the temperature in their room at around 18 degrees. You can that in any number of ways - by opening the window, by turning on a fan, using a heat pump, or running an air conditioning unit.

A couple of things to be mindful of…

  • Having the window open may attract bugs like mosquitos - you might want to invest in magnetic insect screens to prevent them coming inside.
  • Fans can cause drafts that sometimes make your baby too cold, be mindful of this if you leave the fan on when your baby is in the room.

Once you have the temperature sorted out, it is time to look at their sleeping attire. You want to dress your baby so that they are comfortable for bed. On super hot nights, there is nothing wrong with letting them sleep in nothing but a nappy!

Use appropriate pyjamas and bedding if your baby does need a bit of extra warmth. Choose a natural fibre like cotton, muslin, or merino as they are breathable fabrics. Avoid polar fleece and polyester as they can impact your baby’s inner temperature control, causing them to sweat.

Helping Them Sleep

Sometimes addressing the light and the heat are not quite enough. You might be left asking ‘how to get baby to sleep in this sweltering heat?

Your baby might need a little more help to drift off comfortably in the warmer months. So here are some things that you can try…

A Routine: A consistent bedtime routine will help your baby recognise when it is time to sleep. Try to do the same thing every night around the same time. Some things to include could be a bath, snuggles, a bedtime story, massage or songs.

A Snuggy: Who doesn’t like cuddling up with something soft and comforting? Having a familiar snuggy will help your baby to relax for sleep. If you grab one of our Gobstopperz range then you not only have a snuggly, minky feel comforter, but you can also attach your baby’s soother so they don’t lose it at night. Check out the range in the store now.

Lavender: This lovely scent has the added benefit of calming the body. It can even help to raise melatonin levels. Lavender is safe to use with children of any age through a diffuser in their room, or by adding a couple of drops when washing your child’s sheets.

Sunshine: It seems counterproductive to say that sunshine helps sleep after we just told you to buy black out blinds! But, a healthy dose of vitamin D rich sunshine during the day can help to boost their melatonin production at night. Just remember to be sun smart and try to avoid exposing your baby to direct sunlight.

While sleep can be a little more challenging in the warmer months, it is possible to get your baby back into a good sleep routine. Especially when you are armed with a soothing snuggly like the Gobstopperz range!